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Let's Create Your Brand

Having a consistent visual identity both on and offline is an important factor in the success of your business.

A brand is more than a logo, it represents the personality of your business and helps customers to identify with what you have to offer.


Whether you're a startup or looking for a refresh, I can create a complete brand 'kit' that speaks volumes about your company and what you do.

Website & brand design for Amanda and Sophia's Dog Accessories Business

H&B Website Mock Up.png
Where shall we start ?

Tell me everything, tell me all about it, what's going on ? What do you do ? How do you do it ? 

The more I know about your business or new venture the better; initial discussions are key to discovering what's important to you and what you stand for - what your brand should stand for.

Every business is different and the people behind those businesses are all different, so I always start each project from scratch with fresh eyes and an open mind.

I've worked with every type of business you can imagine - from farriers to financial advisers, hair salons to candle-makers and builders; everyone can benefit from a professional visual image.

Branded stationery for Paul at Sapphire Builders

Mock up of a visual identity for Sapphire Builders showing a range of stationery items designed by Ros O'Donnell
The Lab Website.png

Website and brand development for Shelley's beauty training business

What do you need ?

You might just need a logo, and that's cool. I do logos, and I make sure they're suitable for printing and digital display, for your stationery and your social media pages.

Do you love Instagram ? Me too. I love creating brand graphics for social media, it's a great way to introduce your brand and show your business personality.

You need a website ? I can do those too. Let's tie it all together so your customers can recognise your business and your brand wherever they may find you.

Social Media Graphics for Annabel at Goddess Beauty

GB Social Media Graphics.png

Let's Talk

Come on, let's have a chin wag, I want to hear all about your project and how I can help; send me an email or pick up the phone.

I'm in a small village near Eye in Suffolk but I have clients all over the UK from Jersey to the Outer Hebrides.

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A mock up of an exhibition stand, designed for Plazology by Ros O'Donnell Design

Stand design for Shaun's next exhibition

Sticker designs for Farm Ness candle tins

FarmNess Candle TIn Design.png
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